Trendlines Labs iconWe established Trendlines Labs as an in-house invention center, focused on inventing technologies and products to meet critical unmet needs. Trendlines Labs capitalizes on The Trendlines Group’s longstanding relationships with decision makers and clinical experts in the medical industry.

With input from multibillion-dollar medical device companies, hospitals, and key opinion leaders, our highly experienced and focused Trendlines Labs team develops original ideas and promising devices, supplies, or equipment for Trendlines internal use, and external use.

In some cases, we turn ideas into the high-promise medical companies we invest in. In other cases, we may license to or join with strategic partners (for example, major medical device companies seeking new products to expand their portfolios and revenue streams). See the table below for selected Trendlines Labs inventions:

Trendlines Labs inventions

From selected Trendlines Labs inventions, Trendlines has established six portfolio companies and has others in formation:

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Trendlines Labs brings added value to its partners by —

Strategic Partners