Exit #8 for Trendlines: MitrAssist

Editor’s note: News of the MitrAssist exit appeared on BTInvest.

We sold our holdings in MitrAssist to Wai Tech (Hong Kong) Holding. MitrAssist is developing a minimally invasive approach in the treatment of mitral regurgitation.

With the completion of the transaction, we have sold our entire shareholding in MitrAssist, with total pre-tax proceeds of approximately US$1.15 million.

Commenting on the exit from MitrAssist, Trendlines Chairman and CEO Todd Dollinger, said, “We are pleased to announce Wai Tech’s acquisition of our interest in MitrAssist, our third exit since September 2017. This is a very good time for Trendlines as we work closely with the more mature companies in our portfolio to position them for exit. Proceeds from the MitrAssist exit will serve to further strengthen our cash position. …”

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