As part of our mission to improve the human condition, we encourage entrepreneurs — and entrepreneurship — in Israel and Singapore by inventing, investing in, and incubating breakthrough medical and agricultural technologies. Because our companies are located in our facilities for the critical first two to three years, we increase entrepreneurial interactions and reduce costs.

We examine potential investments based on three main criteria:

  1. Market: What is the “pain”? What is the exact problem the product or technology solves? What is its business potential? What are some initial ideas about the business model?
  2. Team: Are they dreamers? “Makers”? (Do they “make” things happen)? Connectors (experts or others from industry, academia, research, the field, business)?
  3. Technology: What is the product or technology? What is the innovation? Is it feasible? What is its IP potential?


The Trendlines Group by the numbers

With 50 portfolio companies and 40 employees, Trendlines is the largest incubator in Israel.


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