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Trendlines cites hands-on approach to growth of its investment portfolio

By Leonard Zehr, BioTuesdays (6 November 2018)

With 11 years of progressive growth in the value of its expanding portfolio, The Trendlines Group (SGX:42T; OTCQX:TRNLY), an Israeli investment company, takes a very hands-on approach with its early-stage medical and agrifood tech startups.

“We require them to have an office in our head office complex and we provide them with a tremendous amount of support,” co-chairman and co-CEO, Steve Rhodes, says in an interview with BioTuesdays.

“We pay for all of their overhead expenses. Plus, we have a staff of consultants who assist our companies on an almost daily basis, creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that includes business development, market research and communications, technology development and financial structuring,” he adds.

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