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The Trendlines Group invests in innovations in agrifood technologies and medtech, leveraging our experience, network, and resources to go from seed to market.


Vessi’s minimally invasive solution for NMIBC provides a new therapeutic alternative to Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (“TURBT”), ...

Working with Trendlines

We are thrilled to announce the closing of this round, especially during this challenging time. The participation of a global strategic investor in this round is a huge show of confidence in Vessi’s achievements and potential. The financing led by ALIVE will support expanding Vessi’s R&D capabilities, clinical studies in Israel and the U.S., and regulatory clearance, enabling us to achieve our goal of bringing Vessi’s treatment for NMIBC to patients and physicians to reduce side effects, improve patient outcomes, and lower health care costs.

Eyal Kochavi, Founder & CEO, Vessi Medical


Series A financing round of $16.5 million with particpation of VC and global strategic company

Successfully used in a first in human study


Phytolon revolutionizes the way food colors are produced, bringing natural colors to the next level in terms of ...

Working with Trendlines

The investments of DSM Venturing, Cibus Fund, and Ginkgo Bioworks open the door for broad penetration of our products in the global food industry.  We are excited to have new investors who share our vision to create healthy, efficient, and sustainable food systems via biotechnology.

Halim Jubran PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Phytolon


Closed $14.5 million Series A funding round

Signed collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks

Selected as one of top 30 global start-ups at SLINGSHOT 2019, Singapore, November 2019



Bridging the financing gap for smallholder producers
AI-driven analytics platform for early detection and monitoring of crop diseases
Changing the way we consume vegetables
Novel treatment option for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS)
Sustainable increase of fish yields with same resources
All-suture, knotless, meniscus repair system
EcoPhage is developing sustainable and effective, phage-based solutions for crop protection
Non-surgical, incision-free approach to treat pelvic organ prolapse
Robotic system for greenhouses
Healthy, efficient, and sustainable natural food color alternatives
Cryotherapy for treatment of superficial bladder cancer
Orally administered health management delivery platform for aquaculture
Spinal fusion re-imagined

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Our global team brings together science, technology, and business expertise to invest in and build innovation-based healthcare and agrifood companies.

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28 May 2024

Ceretrieve Announces Groundbreaking Success in FIH Ischemic Stroke Cases

Ceretrieve's aspiration catheter demonstrated clots removal, completely restoring blood flow in a...

15 May 2024

Limaca Medical Completes 24 EUS Pancreatic and Liver Biopsy Cases

Limaca's Precision-GI™ endoscopic ultrasound guided motorized fine needle biopsy (EUS-mFNB) device delivers...

6 May 2024

ZygoFix receives FDA clearance for its zLOCK lumbar facet fixation system



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