Yehuda Folberg

SetBone Medical announces $1.6 million financing

SetBone Medical has developed a novel bone cement for the treatment of spinal vertebrae fractures and …

The Trendlines Group | January 2022

“FruitSpec raises… AgroScout acquires… Trendlines 2021 achievements…”

Breakthrough in device therapy for patients with late-stage heart disease

Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd. and Leviticus-Cardio announced the joint Development and Testing of a Wireless, Fully Implantable, Long-Term Blood Pump.

Trendlines invests in agri-fintech company AgriG8

Smallholder and family scale farms are the backbone of our global food system, yet many of them do not have access to financing …

Seger develops next gen laparoscopic bowel closure device

Seger has successfully completed animal studies and is validating the device for human trials and FDA clearance in collaboration with…

AgroScout acquires the assets of TerrAvion to broaden its imagery capabilities in agro data management

The acquisition fuels AgroScout’s high-resolution agriculture aerial imagery capabilities and agro data artificial intelligence for…

Waston Medical and Trendlines collaborate for Chinese/Israeli medical device innovation

China-based Waston Medical, and Israel-headquartered Trendlines Innovation Labs, announced the signing of a collaborative technology innovation and development agreement…

Fruit yield management company, FruitSpec, raises $5M funding round to scale globally

The FruitSpec Yield Management Platform is poised to have a major impact on the fruit supply chain, making it more efficient and optimizing….

The Trendlines Group Trendletter | December 2021

“Trendlines Business Update… AquiNovo on ExitValley… AgroScout relocates to Yiron…”

The Trendlines Group Trendletter | November 2021

“OrthoSpin acquired by Synthes GMBH (J&J) for $79.5M…Vensica raises $16M…liberDi & EcoPhage win awards…AlgaHealth funding on ExitValley…”