Yehuda Folberg

The Trendlines Group Trendletter June 2020

“1st remote AGM and SGM … 2nd milestone for Arcuro … 3rd investment for Trendlines Agrifood Fund … “

Webinar: Urban Farming – A feasible answer to food security?

Exploring the feasibility of urban farming as one solution to the food security question.

Hargol FoodTech launches ‘Biblical Protein’ locust products in the U.S.

Unlikely early adopters for Hargol’s locust-based energy bars and whole insects in a jar: American evangelicals emulating John the Baptist

Arcuro Medical achieves two new milestones

CE marking in the EU and a new partnership with Genesis Biologics in the US.

Trendlines Agrifood Fund makes its third investment

Revenue-stage Israel-based precision irrigation company receives funding from the Trendlines Agrifood Fund

The Trendlines Group Trendletter May 2020

“…Trendlines Agrifood Fund Investment … Webinars – Food Security in Crisis … Trendlines’ Annual General Meeting”

Fish sorting technology firm aims to modernize farms

Israel-based Agam’s automatic, ‘in-habitat’ sorting and counting system reaches second prototype phase

AgroScout CEO interviewed on ‘Stories from the Cloud’

Veteran journalists Michael Hickins and Barbara Darrow interview AgroScout CEO Simcha Shore on early detection as a key in stopping pests and diseases that threaten agricultural crops.

Wearable technology increases blood flow to the legs

ElastiMed has developed a wearable medical product designed to increase blood flow to the legs and treat edema and venous insufficiency. This product can improve the quality of life of millions of people around the world. ElastiMed is now completing an investment round on ExitValley.

Medical device that eliminates cancer cells in the bladder

Vessi Medical has developed an innovative medical device that eliminates bladder cancer cells using advanced cell freezing technology, without compromising the patient’s quality of life. Vessi is now completing an investment round on ExitValley.