Behind the Scenes: The 2018 Annual Report


For those of us in marketing communications, an annual report (AR) represents a project one can sink one’s (editorial) teeth into, so to speak. Our AR is no exception. While the structure is standard, the AR represents an opportunity to tell our story, review our activities, achievements, and performance of the past year — all in a style that reflects and reinforces our corporate brand.

Putting together our AR takes an international effort.

Without the guidance of Chairman and CEO Steve Rhodes and the invaluable assistance of my coworkers CFO Haim Brosh, Corporate Controller Lina Izakson Mamon, Ass’t to Company Secretary Natalie Sababgha Talhamy, and Investor Relations (and best sounding board and office mate) Shira Zimmerman, there would be no AR.

Our accounting and legal teams in Israel and Singapore (EY and Shibolet), and our Singaporean sponsor and registrar (PrimePartners and BoardRoom), ensure our compliance with the rules of the Singapore Exchange. And the design team at SageStudio in Singapore not only make the AR look beautiful — and handle revisions and edits graciously — but oversee all production and distribution to shareholders.

Karen Kozek
Marketing Communications and AR Editor in Chief

The Cover Story

Trendlines 2018 Annual Report front cover
This year, we wanted the Annual Report cover to featured a montage of the people, places, and things that represent Trendlines and the Trendlines brand.

Top row (left) We organize regular meetings for our portfolio company CEOs to give them (and the Trendlines team) a chance to catch up, meet, share, (and eat!). This is a colorful array of salads served at one of the meetings last year.

(middle) Our Israel-based Trendlines Finance team took time out for an updated picture. (left to right) Bookkeeper Amnon Friedman, Corporate Controller Lina Izakson Mamon, Controller Melanie Davids, Assistant Corporate Secretary Natalie Sababgha Talhamy, Bookkeepers Tzafrir Rosenbloom and Ayelet Lavian (not pictured) Bookkeeper Ora Toledano; CFO & Joint Corporate Secretary Haim Brosh.

(right) The Trendlines Medical icon on the entry wall of our Israel office.

2nd row (left) The Trendlines Agtech icon on the entry wall of our Israel office.

(middle) A Galilee flower in a field not far from our Misgav, Israel, headquarters.

(right) Our “housemother” and in-house engineer Alya Shalate prepares fresh-fruit platters when guests arrive for meetings, spoils us with fresh mint and other spices for our tea, and keeps the office in good repair.

3rd row (left) Chairmen and CEOs Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes testing out a drone in one of the hallways.

(right) Purchasing/Operations Candela Gabay, Administrative Assistant Gitit Hasidian, and Corporate Controller Lina Izakson Maman snapped in the Israel office dining room.

4th row (left) Trendlines Agtech VP New Ventures Maya Shushan Orgad and Business Development Lauren Gilligan share an office in our northern Israel facility. They also work from our Tel Aviv-area office.

(right) The Trendlines Labs icon on the entry wall of our Israel offices.

Bottom row (left) An AgriVest flag welcomes the 600 conference participants to the the 5th AgriVest event, which was in Tel Aviv on 8 May 2018. The next AgriVest conference is in Tel Aviv on 24 September 2019.

(middle) Shira Zimmerman at her desk in our Israel office. Shira is responsible for investor communications and relations.

(right) Andi Chai takes time out from her business development work with the medical portfolio companies to enjoy tea from her Trendlines mug!

The “Inside” Story

Inside front cover, Trendlines 2018 Annual Report

See this image on the inside front cover of the Annual Report.

Here’s a shot from the lunch break at AgriVest 2018.

Conference highlights: Keynote addresses from President of Wageningen University & Research Louise O. Fresco and Netafim President & CEO Ron Maidan, and presentations by 11 competitively selected early-stage agrifood tech companies competing for the Best Israeli Agtech Company. (WeedOUT took the title.)

Save the date for AgriVest 2019, 24 September 2019 in Tel Aviv.


See all the photo galleries from AgriVest 2018.

A “Group” Shot

The Trendlines Group team pic January 2019

See this image in Corporate Profile, page 4 of the Annual Report. 

As part of a photo fun day in our Israel office in January 2019, we gathered outside our headquarters in the Misgav region of the Western Galilee for this group shot.

(front row, kneeling) Amnon Friedman

(middle row) Karen Kozek, Avshalom Shenhav, Iris Shdema, Sarai Kemp, Maya Schushan Orgad, Nitza Kardish, Dotan Tromer,  Haim Brosh, Shira Zimmerman, Melanie Davids, Natalie Sababgha Talhamy, Candela Gabay, Gitit Hasidian, Lina Izakson Maman, Andi Chai, Todd Dollinger

(back row) Shahar Harari, Lauren Gilligan, Barak Singer, Nir Goldenberg

Read more about our management and team, and see a larger version of this image on our home and team pages.

Visits & Visitors

Trendlines Annual Report 2019 board of directors section pics

See these images in Board of Directors, page 46 of the Annual Report.

Top row (left) In February 2019, representatives of the National University of Singapore visited our Israel headquaters.

(right) Chairman and CEO Steve Rhodes introduces Trendlines to participants in the Trendlines Open House, part of the OurCrowd Summit week events.

Bottom row (left) Steve presents at the Trendlines Special General Meeting in Singapore, 13 February 2019.

(right) A delegation of the Israel Innovation Authority, including CEO Aharon Aharon, and the Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation visited Trendlines Medical Singapore in November 2018.