AgroScout – Senior Deep-Learning Computer-Vision and Algorithms Engineer

At AgroScout, we develop AI algorithms for early detection of pests and disease in a growing number of field crops. The raw data is gathered and entered into the system using autonomous drones and cameras. Our app enables the user to easily to mark the field or area they want to scout and to dispatch the drone to collect the required data. The data is scanned and analyzed in our web-based AI analysis and reporting platform to identify the pests and disease. Additionally, we have a global network of agronomists who analyze the findings. Growers and agronomists have access to each geo-tagged image as well as the complete findings reports 24/7 via the mobile app and desktop. This knowledge allows growers to make better decisions for reducing pesticide use, improving yields, and increasing profits.

Your Mission

  • Prepare input image sets, develope models and set parameters for AI machine vision

  • Run models on TensorFlow / Keras

  • Results Analysis – Run tests and improve models until the required results are reached


  • Solid understanding of Deep Learning and Computer Vision – Must

  • 3-5 Years of hands-on experience with developing & deploying Deep Learning networks for Computer Vision tasks – Must

  • Experience with Objects Detection networks in images

  • Experience in development and deployment of image processingalgorithms with Opencv

  • 3 years of experience in developing Python microservices

  • Experience in Linux

  • Experience with Oracle / AWS / SQL – Advantage

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