EndoSiq – Software engineer

EndoSiq is seeking a solution-minded software engineers to join our medical start-up. Here’s your chance to create the future with us!

EndoSiq Technology Pte Ltd is a medical start-up developing an advanced machine vision tracking system for the management of Over Active Bladder (OAB). Our goal is to design and develop a proprietary diagnostic tool to analyze real-time images of the bladder. The diagnostic tool will help pinpoint unusual muscle group activity to help in the treatment of OAB.
We need passionate and flexible engineers to grow with us.

Software engineer

Middle-level position seeking a solution-minded software engineer that is cross-platform versatile focusing on machine-vision software development. The assignment is broad and challenging in nature, requiring initiative, ingenuity and problem-solving skills. Applicants must have a passion for analytical software engineering and a good understanding of multiple platform and SDK environments.

Roles & Responsibilities


Scope of work:
– Software development with continuous integration on machine-vision or camera vision algorithm development in Python and Matlab.
– Assist the project manager on all software coding work required for the primary objective.
– Development of machine-vision algorithms from a camera video feed.
– Design, troubleshoot, document, implement and test software based on Matlab and Python to acquire and process video.
– Create and compile all technical specifications, flowchart architecture and code description.
– Ensure appropriate GIT and documentation of code bases
– Other job responsibilities and ad-hoc duties as assigned by project manager.

Required qualifications:
– Minimum 3 years working experience in related computer-vision / machine vision fields.
– Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or a related field or other related majors.
– Confident in Matlab and Python development environment.
– Applicant should have strong interest in data-science, and a confident foundation with Python scripting, machine and deep learning approaches.
– Experience with camera and video stream acquisition will be an advantage.
– Some experience working with machine learning (ML), neural networks, OpenCV, NumPy, statsmodel and vision-related systems.
– High degree of comfort with ambiguity in early-phase investigative projects.
– Possess good communication skills and ability to work well independently.

Please email your updated CV & your GitHub/personal portfolio to hr_sgp@trendlines.com

Application Deadline: 31 December 2021