CEO Trendlines Innovation Labs


Our Trendlines Innovation Labs CEO bears overall responsibility for The Trendlines Groups’ in-house innovation group. Labs was established in 2011 as an investment vehicle alongside Trendlines’ portfolio investments made through our incubators in Israel and Singapore and from our corporate balance sheet. Labs invests alongside our multinational corporate partners in the U.S. Europe, China, Japan, and beyond. We invent and develop products that meet unmet market needs for our partners to manufacture and take to market. We invest together with our partners and Trendlines receives royalties on product sales.

Our Labs CEO and staff are responsible for supporting current partnership relationships and growing our medical device product invention and development business. We develop complete solutions in accordance with varying partner agreements relative to every aspect of medical product development, from concept through production files, animal and clinical trials and regulatory approvals and, even initial production runs.

Trendlines Innovation Labs also creates new investment opportunities for The Trendlines Group and consults to our portfolio companies.

The CEO is responsible for Trendlines Innovation Labs’ strategic plan and execution for all aspects of the business, including staffing in Israel and Singapore, corporate partnerships in China, business development, budgets, project management and investments.

Location: Misgav, Israel

Key Responsibilities

• Manage all aspects of Trendlines Innovation Labs
• Support current, and develop new innovation partnerships with multinational corporations, hospitals, universities, physicians, and individuals
• Develop solutions to unmet market needs and commercialize
• Labs P&L and business growth

Shared Responsibilities

• Advise Trendlines Group managers on technology matters
• Advise portfolio companies on technology issues

Requirements and skills

• International business development experience at senior level
• Extensive medical device project management experience
• MBA or equivalent experience
• Innovation management experience
• Fluent English
• Independent – self motivated
• Creative / inventive
• Ability to manage and build efficient, agile team to address market needs
• Strong analytical abilities and problem-solving skills
• Ability to lead and motivate in a positive environment

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