CoreBone is an “Israeli success story”

Editor’s note: The original article was published in Hebrew.

Bone substitutes from coral — ‘made in Israel’

By Liat Zand, ynet (11 January 2018)


An Israeli success story

CoreBone's Ohad Schwartz

CoreBone CEO Ohad Schwartz

The bone substitute sector is gaining momentum around the world. Israeli company, CoreBone, whose products are manufactured from corals grown in a controlled environment, is considered among the world’s leading manufacturers of bone graft replacements.

The increase in quality of life and technological developments offer advanced medical solutions in many areas. In cases of injuries or bone loss, bone [grafting] is used as scaffolds on which bone grows are used as part of its regeneration process.

Bone growth rate depends on variables such as location of the implant, and health condition and age of the patient, but the Israeli company CoreBone has succeeded in developing a coral-based bone replacement with better and more durable construction prospects … . Read the full article on ynet (Hebrew).