Hargol FoodTech featured in Nanalyze

8 Israeli Alternative Protein Startups

Nanalyze, 18 December 2019


Founded in 2014, Hargol Foodtech has taken in $3.9 million in funding to develop protein powder made with grasshoppers, a topic we touched previously in our piece on 8 Startups Selling Edible Insects and Bugs. Grasshoppers are said to be the ideal insect for an alternative protein source since they offer a remarkable nutritional value of up to 70% protein along with zinc, folic acid, omega-6, omega-3, and chitin. Not only that, grasshoppers are already consumed by roughly 2.5 billion people across the globe. Given its neutral flavor, grasshopper protein powder can be used as an additive for a wide selection of dishes. Interestingly, grasshoppers are the only ones that are kosher and halal.

Hargol FoodTech grasshoppers

Hargol FoodTech grasshopper

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