IntraFish highlights the BioFishency filter system

Israeli start-up’s innovation clears path for RAS advances in developing world aquaculture

By Rachel Mutter, IntraFish (6 December 2018)

Innovation allows lower-value aquaculture production to close their system and reduce water intake.

A new plug-and-play filter system recently launched by Israeli tech company BioFishency will allow smaller-scale and developing-world producers to convert their flow-through systems (FTS) to recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) virtually overnight.

The BioFishency filter removes carbon dioxide and ammonia from the water and enriches it with oxygen for the nitrification process, converting the ammonia into nitrates, creating a system with very low water demand that is closed from the outside environment.


The system can deal with any species of fish or salinity level — and has applications either in production, in storage or in live transport. It also has applications in combined closed and flow-through systems,” said Igal Magen, [BioFishency co-founder].

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