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16 May 2022

Limaca Medical and HekaBio announce Japan partnership

The partnership aims to advance precision medicine

3 May 2022

Limaca Medical receives FDA breakthrough device designation

Limaca’s Precision-GI endoscopic biopsy device advances precision medicine

7 April 2022

Escala Medical receives FDA regulatory clearance

First in Human study completed; internationally renowned urogynecologist Mickey Karram, MD, joins SAB

21 March 2022

Arcuro Medical names new medical director and SAB member

Dr. Phil Davidson named medical director and chair of the Arcuro SAB, Dr. Ken Zaslav joins SAB as founding member

28 February 2022

Phytolon and Ginkgo Bioworks collaborate on production of vibrant food colors

The companies seek to leverage cell programming to produce betalain pigments across the yellow-to-purple spectrum

8 February 2022

Vensica closes $19 million investment round

Vensica's minimally invasive solutions unlock the potential of neurotoxins in urology

26 January 2022

SetBone Medical announces $1.6 million financing

SetBone Medical has developed a novel bone cement for the treatment of spinal vertebrae fractures

11 January 2022

Breakthrough in device therapy for patients with late-stage heart disease

Calon Cardio-Technology and Leviticus Cardio announced the joint development and testing of a wireless, fully implantable, long-term blood pump

10 January 2022

Trendlines invests in agri-fintech company AgriG8

Giving smallholder and family-scale farms access to financing

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