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Getting a taste of Hargol FoodTech

A mouth-watering taste of Hargol's new product: the new meat!

17 March 2021


Hargol FoodTech gave us a mouth-watering taste of their new product – The New Meat!

A new ingredient for the meat- and plant-based meat industries, The New Meat provides a wide range of benefits for those industries:

  1. A boost of protein and essential nutrients
  2. Health benefits
  3. Reduced footprint
  4. Functionality the industry is looking for: From natural color, through meaty flavors, and all the way to better binding of water and fat-making products juicier. The product also functions as a natural emulsifier.

The company is collaborating with the poultry and plant-based protein industries with a goal to launch new products by the end of the year.

Hargol delivers a boost of protein and essential nutrients

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