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IBI-Ag completes funding round for its bioinsecticides

Financing will support optimization of its first product and expansion of its product portfolio

22 June 2021


IBI-Ag, a biotechnology portfolio company developing a new class of bioinsecticides, announced an investment round for the optimization of its first product and expansion of the product portfolio spectrum.

Investors in the round include the Bayer-Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund, a  partnership between The Trendlines Group and Bayer investing in breakthrough agricultural technologies, Agriline, and the Trendlines Group. The company is also supported by grants from the Israel Innovation Authority.

IBI-Ag is developing natural, single domain antibody insecticides to increase crop production without harm to farmers, consumers, and the environment. The use of single domain antibodies as active ingredients is an innovative approach for insect control, having unique potential to serve as a novel type of highly effective agents due to their small size, stability, high-affinity, high-specificity, ease of manipulation and production.

Insect damage to crops causes losses in billions of dollars annually. Wide crop distribution continues to spread the insect pest problem globally, producing an urgent need for novel and effective nature-driven solutions. The agricultural market is still largely dependent on synthetic pesticides. The market for bioinsecticides is growing rapidly offering alternative solutions to traditional pesticides enabling integrated pest management schemes

News of this investment appeared in PRNewswire, AgReads.

We are thrilled at the close of this investment round which is a vote of confidence from Bayer and Trendlines in our continuing progress. Agriline has come on board recognizing the critical need for new bioinsecticides with much high levels of environmental sustainability. IBI-Ag creates an ideal balance between the need for mass-scale production of agricultural products with minimal impact on health, the environment and economic profitability.

IBI-Ag CEO Shir Baor

We are very happy to announce a follow-on investment in the company from the Bayer Trendlines Ag Innovation Fund. The continued support for a company that we believe in and have nurtured from pre- to post-incubation is a strong part of our investment philosophy. The innovative technology, professional and committed team, together with invaluable industry input and support are all the necessary elements for great success.

Trendlines Agrifood Fund CEO Nitza Kardish, PhD

IBI-Ag's natural, single-domain antibody insecticides increase crop production without harming farmers, consumers, and the environment

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