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Insectta announces Grand Opening of Insect Biomaterial Extraction Pilot Plant

The Insectta Team is proud to announce the grand opening of our brand new pilot plant, dedicated to the extraction of Black Soldier Fly chitosan and melanin using our patented technology.

29 November 2023


Insectta, a leading company in the insect industry, announced today the grand opening of its new insect biomaterial extraction pilot plant. This milestone marks the beginning of Insectta’s industrialisation of its patented black soldier fly (BSF) chitosan and melanin extraction process, which has already attracted the attention of industry experts and customers alike. With the successful completion of the pilot facility, the company is positioned for substantial growth, enhancing its production capacity to better serve a broader customer base, solidifying its position as a key player in the insect industry.

Pilot Production Facility

A grand opening ceremony attended by Insectta’s collaborators and stakeholders was held on 24th Nov 2023. Located at JTC Cleantech Three, the latest development in JTC’s CleanTech Park, the pilot facility allows Insectta to increase its production capacity by 30 times. Alongside a ribbon cutting ceremony, guests were treated to tours of the pilot facility and a presentation of Insectta’s product development roadmap ahead.

Insectta’s proprietary and patented technology

In a market saturated with insect protein, oil, and fertilizer startups, Insectta stands out with its innovative chitosan and melanin extraction technology, poised to redefine the applications of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) derivatives. Beyond the conventional uses in insect-related products, Insectta’s advancements open doors to new frontiers, particularly in the pharmaceuticals, personal wellness, and organic electronics industries. Chitosan, a versatile biomaterial celebrated for its wound healing and antioxidant properties, finds applications across diverse sectors from pharmaceuticals to personal wellness. Simultaneously, melanin, a natural pigment distinguished by its electrochemical and healing attributes, emerges as a sought-after choice for the burgeoning fields of organic electronics and biomedicine.

In line with their mission for “insects to power our healthcare and electronics,” Insectta is positioned not only to enhance the insect industry’s economic value but to elevate its environmental impact. Utilising their patented extraction technique, the Insectta Team has achieved another world first – the ability to extract water soluble melanin in unprecedented quantities. End-users can expect a cleaner, purer, chitosan and a highly functional melanin at an extremely competitive price – all obtained through a circular process that is not only cost-competitive but also less energy-intensive and more sustainable compared to existing extraction methodologies. Insectta’s pioneering efforts underscore their commitment to sustainability, offering innovative solutions that contribute to a greener and more economically viable future for the insect industry.

Current Plans and Roadmap

The facility will produce its first batch of chitosan and melanin in Q1 2024, which are to be sent for food-grade certification in Singapore.


Insectta’s technology to extract biomaterials such as chitosan and melanin from insects will enable the company to contribute greatly to new formulations of products in a wide variety of fields. Singapore hopes to stay at the forefront of these innovations, with companies like Insectta paving the way.
Guest of Honour, Sharon Tay, Director of Food Manufacturing and Agritech at Enterprise Singapore

We’re proud of the progress Insectta has made in the past 3 years and see this as the stepping stone for manufacturing and selling our biomaterials on a large scale. We’re actively looking for customers and collaborators who want to harness the power of our chitosan in the personal wellness and healthcare space as well as those in the organic electronics and biomedical industries looking to tap on melanin’s capabilities.
Chua Kai-Ning, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

We’ve witnessed a surge in interest for our chitosan and melanin from companies acknowledging the demand for more sustainable biomaterials. We’re ready to leverage the increased scale our new pilot affords us by catering to demand from our existing industrial and strategic partners whilst welcoming new ones.
Phua Jun Wei, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

The Insectta team and guests at the opening ceremony of the pilot plant

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