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NHG and Trendlines Medical Singapore ink new deal, expand collaboration

This renewed agreement extends their successful strategic partnership for co-developing innovative healthcare solutions

24 November 2020


Trendlines Medical Singapore, and National Healthcare Group, jointly announced today the renewal and expansion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The new MOU extends the strategic partnership between NHG and Trendlines Medical on co-developing innovative healthcare solutions in the following areas: Dermatology, Infectious Diseases, Population Health, Chronic Diseases, Ageing and Rehabilitation.

In November 2017, Trendlines Medical and NHG entered into the first MOU and over the past three years have worked closely to identify the clinical needs, and collaborated on refining creative ideation, facilitated by the NHG Centre for Medical Technologies and Innovations. The close partnership has resulted in the establishment of nine companies, which are incubated by Trendlines Medical. Three of these companies are involved in upcoming clinical studies at NHG Institutions that seek to solve some of the most acute clinical challenges today. Medulla Pro is developing an ultrasound-guided, real-time imaging lumbar puncture system; Szone is developing an easy-to-use, accurate, real-time, and non-invasive hydration monitoring device; and interVaal is developing a urinary catheter to address the problem of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).

News of this agreement was featured in The Business Times, Next Insight and The Edge.

The initial three years of collaborating with NHG have been very engaging and fruitful. The partnership has benefitted from both the strong clinical standing of the hospitals and physicians of NHG, as well as the market knowledge and engineering/technological expertise of Trendlines. We have jointly identified development projects that serve substantial unmet clinical needs and refined the development through clinical validation of solutions within NHG. To date, the progress made by our portfolio companies is a strong indication of the value of this partnership in ensuring that our healthcare solutions are practical and market focused. The collaboration has also laid a strong foundation for us to deepen it further and expand the partnership with new initiatives such as establishing focus groups and collaborating with our in-house innovation group, Trendlines Labs – in Singapore and Israel – on upstream research projects which enable us to scale up in the next phase of our partnership.

Eric Loh, CEO, Trendlines Singapore

We are very pleased with the achievements of Trendlines Medical under the partnership with NHG. Capitalising on the strong healthcare infrastructure in Singapore, the collaboration with NHG has enabled us to expand our scope of technology development, adding value to the medical technology start-up ecosystem in Singapore. As the new chapter of the partnership unfolds, Trendlines Medical and NHG have identified new initiatives to accelerate the process of developing innovative solutions into commercial products to benefit patients in Singapore and beyond, fulfilling our mission of improving the human condition.

Todd Dollinger, Chairman of Trendlines Medical and CEO and Chairman, The Trendlines Group

We appreciate the strong partnership between NHG and Trendlines Medical. This public-private collaboration has allowed us to successfully translate research into medical devices, where our clinicians combine their valuable clinical knowledge and understanding of patients’ needs with the technical expertise of industrial partners to co-create innovative technological solutions. This enables us to address immediate healthcare needs, improve patient care outcomes, and deliver better care to our population.

Thomas Lew, Associate Professor; Clinical Director of NHG’s Centre for Medical Technologies and Innovations (CMTi), and Group Chief Data and Strategy Officer, NHG

The outcome speaks for itself – nine novel projects leading to the formation of nine new companies in just three years. This reflects the innovation potential here at NHG, and how our partnership with Trendlines Medical has accelerated projects into the clinic, where they will start to make a difference to patients and healthcare providers. I look forward to the next stage of this fruitful and exciting partnership.

Dr. Benjamin Seet, Deputy Group CEO (Education & Research) and Group Chief Research Officer, NHG

For Singapore to become a vibrant and successful medtech hub, it is important that our players in the ecosystem find ways to collaborate and cocreate, and develop long-term partnerships that can address the healthcare opportunities in Singapore and overseas. The renewed MOU between Trendlines and NHG and the fruits we have seen are testaments to this. We look forward to more of such partnerships, and also the opportunity to deepen the bilateral linkage with innovation hubs like Israel.

Johnny Teo, Executive Director for Food, Healthcare and Biomedical, Enterprise Singapore

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