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Omeq Medical appoints healthcare executive Carl Rickenbaugh as chair

Omeq Medical has developed a smart needle device to improve epidural placement

15 June 2021


Omeq Medical, a company focused on revolutionizing outcomes for epidural injection procedures, announced that it has recently appointed Carl Rickenbaugh as chair of the board of directors.

Carl brings years of executive experience in the medical device industry. He is President at First Keel Consulting, and serves on the Board of Directors, or in key consulting roles, of several medical device companies: Limaca Medical, Securisyn Medical, Paragonix Technologies, and Black Swan Vascular. Previously he served for 13 years as Vice President of New Business Development (M&A) at Bard Peripheral Vascular & Biopsy, a major division of CR Bard, and as VP of BD & Strategy at EQT’s Private Equity Company Clinical Innovations (focused on Labor & Delivery and successfully exited to Patricia AB company Laborie Medical in 2020). Carl held leadership roles in sales, marketing, and product development at Abbott Laboratories.

Over 40 million epidural injections are administered annually worldwide. Unfortunately, in up to 30% of those cases, inaccurate initial needle placement occurs, resulting in ineffective drug delivery, multiple insertions, and post procedure complications such as severe headaches, nerve damage and paralysis. Since a major application of Omeq’s product is for childbearing mothers, this is an important healthcare problem needing a solution.

The Omeq device for epidural injections, is a sensor-based, single-use epidural placement product for safe, accurate epidural injections. The simple, easy-to-use device fits between a standard needle and syringe, requires no capital equipment, and is compatible with standard epidural syringes on the market.

The device integrates seamlessly with the standard Loss of Resistance (LOR) technique and monitors tissue resistance at the needle tip to accurately detect needle penetration into the epidural space. The device automatically signals correct needle placement with LED lights, intended to address  the complications associated with misplacement.

News of this investment appeared in Yahoo Finance and PR Newswire.

We are very excited to have Carl Rickenbaugh join us. Carl brings extensive business expertise and experience in the medical device industry. He will provide invaluable strategic and tactical direction for the company moving towards commercialization.

Lior Margalit, Omeq Medical CEO

I am looking forward to working with the Omeq team to bring innovation to epidural delivery, improving the experience for moms everywhere to make birthing a more comfortable experience, and to potentially provide better pain management using epidural procedures to those suffering from chronic pain. Omeq’s technology has the ability to make epidural procedures safer and easier for doctors, and significantly improve the procedure for women in childbirth and those needing chronic pain management.

Carl Rickenbaugh, Omeq Chair

Omeq Medical’s single-use, smart epidural needle system for safe, accurate epidural injections

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