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Sol Chip announces innovative initiative with Japan Post

Sol Chip's sustainable digitalization solution will optimize Japan Post's mail collection operations.

21 July 2022


Portfolio company, Sol Chip, a leading provider of sustainable digitalization solutions, announced an innovative initiative with Japan Post today at the SmartCityX Conference, a culmination of the Scrum Studio open innovation program*. The initiative aims to develop a digitalization solution that will allow Japan Post to monitor the status of postboxes over its vast network in Japan and provide optimized mail collection operations. Sol Chip systems will also allow real-time monitoring of environmental data and other information profitable for local consumers.

Sol Chip is an Israeli startup providing sustainable digitalization solutions for a wide variety of IoT verticals including agtech, proptech, smart city, and assets management. Based on a patented light-harvesting chip, Sol Chip provides an everlasting battery as well as a maintenance-free IoT platform for a variety of sensors and system controls.

Coupled with its proprietary everlasting battery, Sol Chip’s system provides continuous power and dedicated IoT communication for a variety of sensors and system controls. The Sol Chip system supports IoT devices, communication, data collection, storage & management, and control of third party systems.

Sol Chip serves huge markets that need to transform their operations into the digital era. Its sustainable solutions are applicable to any non-digitalized process. Sol Chip’s technology provides the capacity to both sustainably transform data into cloud storage and digitally control various systems. In closing the digital loop, Sol Chip also offers Decision Support Systems/Artificial Intelligence services to further optimize such processes.

Sol Chip is currently raising funds to support and develop its expanding business opportunities.

*About Scrum Studio Inc.
Scrum Studio Inc. is an open innovation platform established by Scrum Ventures, formed to bridge the gap between iconic Japanese corporations with startups from around the world. The platform focuses on three pillars to create new business opportunities: acceleration, incubation, and connection. Its vertical studio programs include SPORTS TECH TOKYO, SmartCityX, and Food Tech Studio – Bites!

We are showing accelerated growth in our agtech business, while in parallel targeting growing verticals such as proptech and smart city markets that can benefit from our services. This important initiative with Japan Post together with our other pilots running worldwide, positions Sol Chip as a major player in the global IoT market.

Sol Chip CEO, Teddy Golan

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