OrthoSpin appears in the media

OrthoSpin’s external fixation system appeared in Breaking News Israel and ynet.

OrthoSpin CEO Oren Cohen interviewed with Dr. Eitan Segev

Paula & Leon, Keshet TV (2 January 2020)












OrthoSpin’s smart, robotic external fixation system for orthopedic treatments.

OrthoSpin’s smart, robotic external fixation system for orthopedic treatments.

Robots Can Now Perform Automated Orthopedic Treatments thanks to Israeli Scientists

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, Breaking News Israel (23 December 2019)

Following orthopedic surgery to lengthen bones, set complex fractures or correct deformities, children and adults often have to perform external fixation – turning metal screws a bit every day for months – like struts on a guitar. This gradual, painful process has had to be performed manually and exactly, and it can go on for months. …

But now an Israeli company named OrthoSpin, working in cooperation with doctors from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, has developed a unique, smart robotic external fixation system to allow real-time physician follow-up and to reduce dependency on patient compliance.

Comprised of a strut powered by a lightweight motor and a control box placed on top of the circular, hexapod fixation frame, OrthoSpin’s system automatically and continuously adjusts and lengthens the struts according to the prescribed treatment regimen without patient involvement.

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New in Israel: An automatic robot that corrects leg deformities

By Inbar Toizer, ynet (23 December 2019)

An innovative robotic system, developed in collaboration with doctors from Ichilov, acts as an external fixture used to treat common orthopedic problems such as limb extension, complex fracture fixation and deformity repair. The system has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is undergoing further trials in Israel and the US


This is external fixation up to now  has only been manually operated, and now is operated by an automatic robotic system. The first trials were successful in Israel (Dana Hospital, Ichilov) and in the United States. The system was FDA approved and several patents were registered.


Dr. Eitan Segev, Deputy Director of the Department of Orthopedics at Ichilov Children’s Hospital, said: “The development was done by a start-up company [OrthoSpin] that contacted me, and we at the hospital assisted with development and experiments. The technology is suitable for anyone who needs to correct distortions with the help of external [fixation]. To this day, the patient or family member had to adjust the device himself four times every day. The surgeon had no control until the patient came to visit once every two weeks. The new device downloads the procedure from the patients.”

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