Orthospin featured in Arutz Sheva

OrthoSpin’s external fixation system featured in Israeli media, Arutz Sheva.

Hadassah extends child’s leg

By Arutz Sheva (19 January 2020)


For his entire life, Bahgat had to wear a shoe with an elevated heel for balance. Not anymore. 

Bahgat Sanaa, 10, from the Bedouin city Rahat, near Beersheba, was born with a rare condition which caused misshapen hands and feet. One leg was also shorter than the other…

Using Bahgat’s own bone from a part of the ankle with excess, Dr. Goldman first fixed the ankle and then began the complex process of limb extension, which is more difficult in a child with a malformation. An innovative device was connected to extend the short leg. Conventional limb extension uses an external brace which the patient has to adjust manually four times daily for many weeks. It’s easy to forget a four-times a day routine, or to misalign it. For Bahgat, Dr. Goldman chose an Israel-developed smart external fixation system called OrthoSpin which Hadassah was among the first medical centers to use…

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