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IIA logo The Trendlines Group was awarded a license from the Israeli government for two technological incubators — one in the medical field and one that we later refocused on the agtech sector — through the Technological Incubator Program of the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA, previously, the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy). Originally awarded in 2007, the license was renewed and combined in 2015 to include both medical and agtech.

Under the terms of government license, each company accepted into the program under our license receives a government grant of approximately $650,000. Trendlines invests additional money and in-house services and support for each company (see diagram below). The companies may continue to receive support from the IIA and Trendlines after their first two to three years.

The partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority enables Trendlines to leverage the government grant as part of the IIA’s “incentive program designed for entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing a start-up company based on an innovative technological concept.”

The goal of the Technological Incubator Program is supporting entrepreneurs with innovative technological concepts at the initial stage of R&D to establish start-up companies and help them reach significant fundable milestones. Israel’s technological incubators are “selected through competitive processes for a license period of eight years.”

Trendlines and IIA investment model

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