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Partner logo K2The Trendlines Group’s Singapore subsidiary, Trendlines Medical Singapore is collaborating with Ozi Amanat’s Singapore-based venture capital firm K2 Global and has been appointed as one of the partners under the Startup SG Equity program of SPRING SEEDS Capital (SSC).

Spring Singapore logoTrendlines Medical Singapore and K2 Global anticipate co-investing with SSC in more than 11 companies during the eight-year period of the partnership. Both Eric Loh and Ozi Amanat consider the pipeline of deals originating from Trendlines Medical Singapore’s incubator, and other companies with a strong development focus in Singapore, as a rich environment for investment.


The collaboration between Trendlines Medical Singapore and K2 Global leverages Trendlines’ experience and proven track record in identifying, incubating, and grooming medical technology companies while working closely with K2 Global to provide growth capital and support to help scale operations and facilitate global opportunities. This is an ideal relationship that will contribute substantial value to Singapore’s medical technology start-up ecosystem.

—Trendlines Medical Singapore CEO Eric Loh

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