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Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed with over 100 production plants in 35 countries and 11 research and development centers in 7 countries.

In 2018, Trendlines signed an MOU with Nutreco NuFrontiers, the strategic innovation and investment division of Nutreco, one of the largest animal nutrition and aquafeed companies in the world. The agreement explores ways to collaborate in developing new technologies, solutions, and products; pursue mutual deal flow; and identify potential new investments and co-investments in identified opportunities, among other business opportunities.

Nutreco will identify significant unmet market needs and turn to Trendlines to develop technological solutions that address those needs. Trendlines will present co-investment opportunities in select portfolio companies or relevant new opportunities of interest to Nutreco NuFrontiers.

Since signing the agreement, Nutreco has invested in portfolio company ViAqua Therapeutics – a company developing an aquaculture viral disease prevention platform – is examining the possibility of investment in another Trendlines’ aquaculture company, and is in ongoing talks for cooperation with our Trendlines Labs unit.

Trendlines offers the right combination of regional know-how, technical experience, and outstanding track record in supporting new technologies from concept to market stage. We see great potential in this collaboration with Trendlines. Together we will explore, find, and develop next-generation innovations throughout the feed and food protein value chain, faster and more sustainably.

—Viggo Halseth, Chief Innovation Officer, Nutreco

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