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Trendlines Labs logoIn 2015, Trendlines Labs partnered with Rambam Health Care Campus to develop innovative medical devices and diagnostic solutions. The Trendlines Labs multidisciplinary team of technology experts brings significant technological, engineering, and management experience and a focused, efficient approach to innovation.

Rambam logoThe world-renowned clinical leaders, specialist research staff, technology experts, and business development team members in diverse fields at Rambam Health Care Campus identify potential unmet clinical needs that require development of cutting-edge health care solutions. Together, they form a powerful partnership for innovative product development from proof of concept through to prototype.

The collaboration agreement with Rambam confirms the extent and interest of hospitals and health care centers in seeking collaborative efforts like those we offer at Trendlines Labs. Both organizations see this as great opportunity to lead innovation programs in Israel and abroad.

—Trendlines Labs CEO Yosi Hazan

New Trendlines Medical portfolio companies spun out of the partnership with Rambam:

Read the full press release (Hebrew).

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