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In October 2021, Trendlines entered into a collaboration agreement to provide a one-stop-shop for medical device innovation, development, and manufacturing with Röchling Medical. Röchling Medical is a renowned partner to leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies worldwide, offering complete manufacturing solutions and a wide range of high-quality, customized components and assemblies, including end-to-end OEM products. Röchling Medical brings a proven track record of serving the life science and pharmaceutical industry. As a manufacturing partner, Röchling Medical offers flexibility, responsiveness, and traceability – from start to finish.

The collaboration agreement leverages on the strengths of each party and on the grounds that by joining forces, the parties will expand and enhance the value proposition and offering of complete innovation, product development and manufacturing solutions to the healthcare industry, broadening their individual and joint endeavors.

We are enthusiastic about working together with Trendlines Innovation Labs. This collaboration addresses our partners’ needs to the fullest extent. We are amazed that we have entered into this great partnership to support our partners in providing health to the people around the globe.


– Dr. Boris Fröhlich, President & CEO of Röchling Medical

We are extremely excited about our collaboration with Röchling Medical. By joining forces we’ll be able to provide a greater value proposition for our partners, together with timely and quality delivery of product innovation, development, and manufacturing. By working together, we’ll significantly enhance our joint proposition, together with the product offering of our partners.


Nir Goldenberg, CEO of Trendlines Innovation LabsTrendlines labs logo

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