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In 2014, Trendlines Labs signed a collaboration agreement with Sheba Medical Center (SMC). Within the framework of the agreement, Trendlines Labs’ multidisciplinary team of technology experts participate in the development of new devices to meet clinical needs identified by doctors at Sheba Medical Center.

Sheba Tel Hashomer logoTogether with the hospital’s research staff and world-renowned physicians, Trendlines Labs works together to develop new ideas and intellectual property. Trendlines Labs cooperates with doctors during any stage of product development from proof of concept through to prototype.

“Constructing collaborations at SMC is aimed at accelerating the development of cost-effective technological solutions to pressing clinical problems. We believe in embracing team work in the problem solution process between those who know the clinical issues and those who know available technologies well, to achieve widespread adoption of the best ideas, evaluation of projects and proof of efficacy,” says David Shashar, MD, the manager of the Medical Device Invention Unit at Sheba Medical Center’s Technology Transfer Company. “From the stage of a general idea, we have progressed in a number of projects to prototype development, bench studies, animal trials and early human clinical trials,” he added.

Working with Trendlines Labs has been an exciting and outstanding opportunity for innovative physicians from our medical staff. The Trendlines Labs team is exceptional in their experience, knowledge, untraditional thinking and their capabilities to move projects forward.

— David Shashar, MD, Manager, Medical Device Invention Unit, Sheba Medical Center’s Technology Transfer Company


Trendlines Medical portfolio company spun out of the SMC partnership: PregnanTech

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