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AgriG8 is an integrated platform empowering capital providers’ roles in sustainable food systems by bridging the financing gap with smallholder producers. By integrating remote sensing applications, crop yield predictions, and farmers’ behavioral insights, AgriG8 offers more than just passive, historic information of the borrowers. More importantly, it provides predictive modeling and active monitoring to assure lenders of the financial returns and the positive impact their investment has made. Our solution addresses a market gap of funneling commercial capital to smallholder farmers with resulting quantifiable environmental impacts in order to further amplify sustainable financing concessions made available to lenders. AgriG8 therefore helps lenders de-risk and re-design smallholder loan products to capture market-equivalent investment opportunities and validate the social and environmental impact generated from sustainable agriculture financing. The AgriG8 team is rooted in the fields with a holistic understanding of the challenges that inhibit financial flow from lenders to the smallholder farmers. Our goal is to help lenders increase their market share, generate, expand and verify sustainable agriculture financing projects whilst developing loan products that are more affordable and actually work for underserved borrowers.

Market Need

Smallholder and family scale farms are the backbone of our global food system, yet many of them do not have access to financing. Globally, financial institutions have yet to efficiently access and accurately appraise these farmers as borrowers. However, given the right data and insights, financial institutions would be able to radically transform the sector, setting it on a more sustainable path.

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