AI-driven analytics platform for early detection and monitoring of crop diseases

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AgroScout has developed an AI-driven cloud-based farm management platform.

The AgroScout platform collects data to create analytics for actionable insights in crop management. AgroScout monitors the crop from emergence stand count, through canopy coverage estimates, and plant biomass, throughout the season. The platform also continuously monitors for pests and disease, decreasing pesticide use by early detection when infestation levels are low and curative treatments are highly effective, predicting regional outbreak tendencies.

AgroScout delivers precision agriculture solutions that help food production companies build more profitable and more sustainable operations. Combining advanced analytics and high-resolution aerial imagery, it provides a full picture of crop health and helps to transform the food production supply chain and improve margins with greater visibility.

Market Need

Farms lose a significant percentage (about 20%) of their yield to disease. At the same time, farmers are looking to reduce the amount of chemical pesticides and fungicides used to treat disease to lower high pesticide costs and comply with increasing regulations and consumer concerns.

Today, scouts perform visual checks in different parts of the field every few days. This provides limited coverage (between 5% and 10%), so diseases are often detected only at later stages when they have spread and caused significant damage. New technologies are gaining traction include drones for aerial imaging and in-field precision ag systems/apps; yet, none offer the efficient, accurate, and complete coverage needed to catch disease at the earliest stages.

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