Bioactive, coral-based bone graft material

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CoreBone has developed, and is distributing, bioactive, coral-based bone graft material that provides a natural alternative to human and animal-derived (bovine, porcine) bone graft material for dental and orthopedic indications, providing a natural alternative to human and animal derived materials.

CoreBones patented technology embeds bioactive minerals (e.g., silicium) into the skeleton of corals during their growth process to accelerate healing and provide better connectivity. The CoreBone graft offers the same bonelike qualities as organic material (human/animal derived) without the associated risks.

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CoreBone corals are grown in a closed, controlled aquatic (aquarium) system.

Market Need

Today, implants are used more and more in dental and orthopedics. In many cases, bone is insufficient, and bone grafts stimulate the growth of new bone to support and anchor the implant. Most bone graft materials in the market are derived from human and animal bone and carry the risk of disease and rejection. Furthermore, bovine-derived products hardly remodel due to the heat treatment that is essential to reduce viral risks. Synthetic materials, a fast-growing segment, lack strength. Bone grafts from human and animal origin are in decline due to their associated risks. The synthetic bioactive product share is growing as the market seeks alternatives.

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