EcoPhage is developing sustainable and effective, phage-based solutions for crop protection

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EcoPhage is an agri-biotechnology company, developing sustainable and effective, phage-based crop protection solutions to manage bacterial plant diseases. Phages are naturally occurring viruses (bacteriophages) that target bacteria and are safe and inert to humans, animals and plants.

The company’s proprietary technology platform is licensed from the Weizmann Institute of Science, developed by Professor Rotem Sorek, a recognized world leader known for his groundbreaking research on the interactions between bacteria and bacteriophages and a scientific founder of several companies.

Our platform technology consists of screening and characterization methodology of phage collections, resulting in the selection of the most promising phage candidates (“super phages”). These phages form a basis for highly effective and sustainable phage cocktails that meet multiple agricultural product attributes for antimicrobial crop protection.

Market Need

Farmers are seeking effective and sustainable solutions to combat over 200 bacterial diseases, which cause billions of dollars in annual yield damage to major crops globally. Current synthetic pesticides include a wide use of copper and antibiotics, yet these are insufficient due to poor efficacy and resistance development of the disease-causing bacteria. Since many common synthetic pesticides have environmental repercussions, their use is being further limited due to regulation and public pressure. Antibiotics are less accepted publicly, especially due to their antimicrobial resistance, which is one of the biggest health concerns of this decade.

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