Biological, environmentally-friendly technology to control insects

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IBI-Ag develops natural single domain antibody insecticides to increase crop production with no harm to farmers, consumers and the environment.

The active ingredient in these substances is single-domain antibodies targeted to the specific insect, and harmless to other (beneficial) insects and the environment. These single-domain antibodies have significant practical advantages: permeability, efficiency, resistance to environmental conditions, simple placement, and relatively low cost.

The company is developing a technological platform, which over time will be implemented for many applications in the field of biological pesticides in agriculture.

Market Need

A market for bioinsecticides is growing rapidly each year due to their low toxic impact on humans, animals, the environment, and increased legislation against traditional pesticides. With insects causing damages in billions of dollars annually, the agricultural market is still largely dependent on synthetic pesticides for crop protection, despite their toxicity and reduced efficacy because of increased insect resistance. Broad crop distribution continues to spread the insect pest problem globally, producing a dire need for novel and effective organic formulations.

As chemical insecticides become less effective and are subject to increasingly stringent regulations, growers are more willing to try biological options because they cost less and offer a greener, more effective option.

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