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A fully-implantable ventricular assist device

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Leviticus Cardio has developed a wireless system able to provide the day-to-day power needs of VAD implants while eliminating the complications related to the drive line.

The Company’s solution uses a proprietary technology, Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET), that works with available commercial LVADs, including market-leading HM3 (HeartMate) and HVAD® (HeartWare). The innovative CET system provides effective transcutaneous energy transfer with important advantages over competing wireless energy transfer technologies —

  • Robust: low movement sensitivity
  • Wireless: More than 6 hours of “freedom”
  • Efficient: Fast charging and highly efficient
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FIH with Leviticus Cardio's fully implanted ventricular assist device

Market Need

Thousands of patients each year are candidates for heart transplantation. An alternative to heart transplantation is the ventricular assist device (VAD), an implanted mechanical circulatory pump that is increasingly being used to support patients with heart failure.

To supply power to the pump, the VAD is connected to an external power pack by a transcutaneous drive line. The exit site of the drive line on the abdomen provides a port of entry for pathogens, making VAD recipients highly vulnerable to device-related infections. Infection and reduction in quality of life (both related to the drive line) represent the most important challenge to extended VAD use.

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