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OrthoSpin was acquired by Synthes GMBH (part of DePuy Synthes, the Orthopaedics company of Johnson & Johnson) in November 2021

OrthoSpin’s automated, digitally-enabled strut system, the AutoStrut G2 System, offers an exciting new solution to the external circular fixation market used in bone lengthening, setting complex fractures, and correcting limb deformities. With this cutting-edge technology, circular frame strut adjustments are automated and can be broken down into smaller, more frequent intervals, eliminating the need for patients to perform complex manual strut adjustments.

Orthospin’s AutoStrut G2 system

Market Need

OrthoSpin addresses the circular and hexapod fixation frame and other external fixation devices that use adjustable struts. External fixation devices are often the first line of treatment for lengthening bone, setting complex fractures, and correcting deformities. Major drawbacks of these devices are the lack of patient compliance and real-time data for improved physician follow-up during the lengthy rehabilitation period.

For treatment to be effective, patients need to adjust the frame on a daily basis. This requires manually turning the struts (rods) up to four times per day to promote bone distraction (moving two segments of a bone slowly apart), growth, and healing. Manual adjustments and complicated patient training often result in misuse and non-compliance that leads to increased pain, poor clinical outcomes, and repeat surgeries.

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