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Laparascopic closure device for intracorporeal anastomosis

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Seger is developing a laparoscopic bowel closure device to easily and quickly close and staple the common opening inside the body (intracorporeal) during anastomosis procedures. With their device, surgeons can quickly and accurately align the edges of the bowel opening to easily close and staple the common opening. The device works with a standard 12 millimeter trocar.

With Seger Surgical’s closure device, surgeons can perform bowel anastomosis in a fully laparoscopic procedure for improved clinical results, fewer complications, and reduced healthcare costs.

Market Need

Bowel resection surgery involves removing all or part of the bowel (the intestine). Often, bowel resection is the result of colon cancer or gastric bypass surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is preferred clinically; yet, few procedures are performed 100% laparoscopically.

After resection is performed, the common opening of the two sections (of bowel) must be securely closed. Suturing the common opening by hand in a laparoscopic procedure is extremely complex and is only performed in 10% of cases. So, surgeons often perform anastomosis – connecting the two sections of bowel — outside the body (extracorporeal). The resected bowel is lifted and removed through an incision, the common bowel openings are stapled closed, the bowel is returned to its place in the body, and then the laparoscopic incision is closed.

The result of extracorporeal anastomosis: increased hospitalization costs due to increased post-operative complications and longer hospital stays.

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