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Tidhar (Teddy) Golan
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The Trendlines Group, CBG, OSEG (Other Sources Energy Group), IEC


Sol Chip is a leader of light-powered maintenance-free IoT systems, connecting sensors, and actuators to the Cloud.

Sol Chip allows for full digitalization of agricultural and industrial processes through IoT deployment. Its precision ag solutions provide yield increase together with savings of water use and fertigation, and its industrial solutions provide optimization and saving of energy and resources across different use-cases.

Sol Chip’s platform is based on its patented Light Chip, a tiny solar panel on a chip that works in any light condition. Together with proprietary power management, it provides ever-lasting energy to connected devices.

Market Need

The world is transforming digitally and an enormous digital gap needs to be closed across different industries and verticals. The major limitation in mass-deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) systems is the availability of energy and dedicated communication. Sol Chip closes the digital loop with energy-autonomous devices that harvest ambient light and don’t require wire connection or battery replacement. With a dedicated data-communication service and unique features that allow wide range connectivity to various 3rd party sensors together with control of 3rd part systems, Sol Chip solutions allow for data collection, management, and control of working processes in different industries that urgently need digitalization.


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