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Needle-free, ultrasound-based procedure for the delivery of neurotoxins to treat overactive bladder

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Vensica is unlocking the potential of neurotoxins in urology by developing minimally invasive solutions using the unique properties of therapeutic ultrasound to deliver botulinum toxin A to the bladder. Vensica’s needle-free drug delivery platform is intended for the treatment of urological indications including overactive bladder, neurogenic bladder, and interstitial cystitis. Today’s gold standard treatment requires needle injections of the neurotoxin into the bladder wall. Vensica’s needle-free platform is expected to enable a far superior patient experience resolving needle-associated issues including pain, and urinary retention, making a generally more complicated procedure easier. Vensica’s platform is anticipated to facilitate more efficacious treatment through more uniform delivery of the neurotoxin to the bladder wall.

Market Need

Overactive bladder (OAB), characterized by the urgent need to urinate and involuntary loss of urine, has a negative impact on the quality of life. In 50% of the cases, medications are ineffective and often have significant side effects. In 2011, the FDA approved the use of Botox to treat OAB. This procedure is performed using a cystoscope (to visualize the interior of the bladder) and a needle to inject the Botox. While Botox has demonstrated effectiveness in treating OAB, the procedure is expensive, painful (20-30 injection sites), risky (urinary tract infections), and in most cases performed under sedation.

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