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Orally administered health management delivery platform for aquaculture

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Shai Ufaz, PhD
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ViAqua has developed orally administered health management solution for aquaculture to improve resistance to viral diseases.

ViAqua’s platform for improving resilience to viral diseases in shellfish and fish utilizes a proprietary RNAi particle formulation. The particles are delivered via feed to improve farm profitability by reducing the losses to diseases enabling sustainable aquaculture.

Market Need

Preventing and treating disease, particularly viral infections, is one of the major challenges facing aquaculture today. Currently, drugs to combat aquaculture diseases are generally injected into shellfish/fish one at a time. This labor-intensive and costly solution is relevant for large premium fish such as salmon, but it leaves shellfish and small fish unprotected, resulting in production losses of 20% or greater in certain species.

The underdeveloped area of virus/disease treatment in aquaculture is becoming a focus of interest and activity as the drive to increase food production for feeding the world’s growing population intensifies.

ViAqua’s first product is for shrimp, the most important aquaculture commodity, which accounts for 20% of the total international trade value of fish products. According to the USDA, diseases cause 10% to 20% losses in shrimp aquaculture. Delivery presents a major challenge for effective, economical treatment. Treatment for other shellfish (e.g., lobster, crab) and fish will follow.

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