Saturas CEO featured in The Marker

Editor’s note: The original article was published in Hebrew.

Irrigation management from the smart phone: Anat’s project, which is directed to the next generation of farmers

The venture that Anat Halgoa Solomon established together with Moshe Meron operates in one of the hottest fields —cleantech. After her extensive experience in business development and management in the water field, Anat took a step toward entrepreneurship to identify and implement a solution to improve agricultural productivity.

In 1959, a father and son team in Israel invented the dripper system to improve irrigation. Sixty years later, Anat Halgoa Solomon and Moshe Meron open Saturas to bring the next innovation to the field.

Read the full article in The Marker (Hebrew).

About Saturas

Saturas was founded in 2013 in cooperation with MIGAL Research Institute. Saturas is an Israeli company that develops Advanced Decision Support Systems (ADSS) for precision irrigation based on its miniature Stem Water Potential (SWP) sensor. Existing investors include Hubei Forbon Technology Co. Ltd., a leader in the field of fertilizer additives for agriculture in China and worldwide, Ramat Magshimim, a collective farm in Israel, Gefen Capital, Miguel Torres Winery SA, one of the largest wineries in Spain and owner of vineyards in California and Chile, the Israel Farmers’ Union, and Shlomo Nechama.