Hargol FoodTech Completes $3 Million Investment Round

Hargol FoodTech card


Hargol Foodtech completed a financing round of $3 million from existing shareholders, Singaporean-based Sirius Venture Capital and Netherlands-based SLJ Investment Partners.

Hargol FoodTech a world leader in commercial grasshopper farming has developed an innovative farm system for high-quality and sustainable grasshopper protein production.  Edible insects are gaining momentum as a high-protein, low-cost alternative that is efficient to produce and requires minimal resources compared to other protein-rich foods.

The funds raised in this round will be used to expand Hargol’s production capacity including a new production facility and launch the Biblical Protein products line.

With incredible interest from the market in our new line of theological food products – Biblical Protein, we are excited by the opportunity to offer a combination of modern, healthy and sustainable innovative food products that are connected to humanity’s origin.

Dror Tamir, CEO of Hargol

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