Trendlines and EdenShield featured in Sifted

In Israel, even once-socialist kibbutzim are investing in tech startups

By Orr Hirschauge, Sifted (26 April 2019)


At the other end of Israel, Yotvata, a scenic desert community located around 25 miles north of Red Sea resort town Eilat, is one of the more wealthy kibbutzim as it has built a small dairy empire.

In 2017, Yotvata used some of that money to invest $1.6m in alternative pesticides company EdenShield.


The kibbutz is a “natural strategic partner,” says Steve Rhodes, chief executive of [Misgav]-based … Trendlines Group, an EdenShield stakeholder.

[Steve] now meets with kibbutzim as potential partners regularly, finding value in working with people with a deep understanding of the subject matter. 

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