Trendlines Labs signs partnership agreement with Rambam Health Care Campus

Editor’s note: This article appeared on YedaTech (Hebrew).

Trendlines Labs will work with Rambam’s clinical leaders in infection control, endoscopy, urology, and other fields.

Trendlines Labs announced it will partner with Rambam Health Care Campus to develop innovative medical devices and diagnostic solutions.

Trendlines Labs, the in-house incubator of The Trendlines Group, creates and develops technologies to meet critical unmet needs. It will cooperate with Rambam’s clinical leaders, technology experts, and business development team members who will identify potential unmet clinical needs that require development of cutting-edge health care solutions.

Rambam logoRambam Health Care Campus is a 1,000-bed academic hospital serving over 2 million residents of northern Israel. Providing comprehensive medical services in all medical specialties, Rambam is the tertiary referral center for 12 district hospitals. Rambam’s commitment to health covers the entire spectrum of patient care from the best treatments and therapies to the support of clinical research.

The Trendlines Labs multidisciplinary team of technology experts brings significant technological, engineering, and management experience in its focused, efficient approach to innovation. The team will collaborate with Rambam’s world-renowned physicians and specialist research staff in diverse fields:

  • infection control (Khetam Hussein, MD);
  • urology (Prof. Lior Lowenstein);
  • erectile dysfunction (Prof. Ilan Gruenwald); and
  • organ biopsy (Iyad Khamaysi, MD).

Other medical fields will be targeted in the future.

The teams will work together on product development from proof of concept through to prototype. Several new medical devices are currently under investigation, and the teams expect to begin initial clinical trials for a number of solutions within the next 12 months.

Yosi Hazan, CEO of Trendlines Labs: “We are extremely excited to be working together with Rambam and are confident that our cooperative endeavors will bear fruit for the health care industry and patients. The recent collaboration agreement with Rambam confirms the extent and interest of hospitals and health care centers in seeking collaborative efforts like those we offer at Trendlines Labs. Both organizations see this as great opportunity to lead innovation programs in Israel and abroad.”