Two sectors “ripe for disruption,” says VP Business Development Trendlines Agtech Sarai Kemp

Aquaculture, palm oil ripe for disruption in Asia, says Trendlines’ Sarai Kemp

By Kristie Neo, DEALSTREETASIA (12 March 2019)

Singapore tends to have a knack for next-gen technology. For now, the flavour of the season is agtech. Most of the country’s efforts tend to revolve around planting vegetables and herbs on high-rise rooftops.


In an interview with DEALSTREETASIA, Sarai Kemp, VP of Business Development, Trendlines Agtech shared that Singapore has the potential to produce great startups in aquaculture and palm oil. Nearly 60 per cent of aquaculture (farmed shrimps and fish) globally is farmed from the Asia Pacific. Over 80 per cent of the world’s palm oil output is from two countries alone – Indonesia and Malaysia.

“Aquaculture is the next available protein. You have beef where production and demand are going to increase, but it’s not sustainable because you use a lot of land and water. Aquaculture offers you more or less the same level of protein through more sustainable means,” said Kemp.

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