Vessi Medical featured in BioTuesdays

Vessi Medical developing new treatment for superficial bladder cancer

By Leonard Zehr, BioTuesdays (26 March 2019)

Closely-held Vessi Medical wants to change the standard of care for superficial bladder cancer by using a surface cryotherapy approach in a minimally invasive in-office treatment alternative to surgery.

“We have successful proof-of-concept data in porcine studies and are designing first-in-human trials, hopefully to begin at the end of 2019 or early 2020,” Eyal Kochavi, founder and CEO, says in an interview with BioTuesdays.

“By freezing the tumor, our technology has the potential to ablate tumors, eliminating the risk of dispersed cancer cells, without damage to bladder muscle, meaning no harm to bladder functionality,” he adds.

Vessi Medical Founder & CEO Eyal Kochavi

Vessi, which is a member of Israel’s Trendlines Group, is targeting a $1.2-billion market opportunity to treat non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC), which invades the inside lining surface of the bladder.

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