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Trendletter13 February 2018

The Trendlines Group Trendletter February 2018

… 10 companies to watch … 2017 earnings call … Trendlines Med Singapore in SGD100 million program … Register for AgriVest and save! … MetoMotion at World Agri-Tech … Read more >

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Corporate News Medical Singapore8 February 2018

Trendlines Medical Singapore and K2 Global selected for SGD100 million start-up program

SPRING SEEDS Capital taps Trendlines Medical Singapore and Ozi Amanat’s K2 Global to collaborate in its SGD100 million investment allocation. Read more >

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Corporate News Medical Singapore24 January 2018

Trendlines Medical Singapore participates in new initiative, i2Start

Trendlines Medical Singapore participates in the launch event of a new initiative, i2Start. Read more >

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Agtech Medical18 January 2018

Trendlines report: 10 companies to watch Q4 2017

Here is our 10 Companies To Watch report for Q4 2017. Read more >

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Trendletter16 January 2018

The Trendlines Group Trendletter January 2018

… CoreBone crowdfunds $482,500 … ST Stent receives FDA … ApiFix names new CEO and chairman … Hargol is a top agtech start-up to watch … Welcome two new portfolio companies … Read more >

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Agtech12 January 2018

83-year-old inventor of the Saturas sensor featured in Haaretz

Agriculturalist and researcher Moshe Meron, Ph.D., invented the Saturas stem water potential sensor that measures the amount of fluid in the trees, plants, and vines. Read more >

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Medical11 January 2018

CoreBone is an “Israeli success story”

CoreBone appeared as an “Israeli success story” on ynet, the Hebrew-language news site. Read more >

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Medical8 January 2018

S.T. Stent receives FDA clearance

S.T. Stent, developers of a removable stent for use following sinus surgery, receives FDA clearance. Read more >

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Medical2 January 2018

ApiFix announces new leadership

ApiFix names Ed Roschak as its new chairman and appoints industry veteran Paul Mraz as company president and CEO. Read more >

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Medical31 December 2017

ElastiMed appears in NoCamels

ElastiMed was the subject of the No Camels article, “Israeli Startup’s ‘Smart’ Socks Set To Hit Market Next Year.” Read more >